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Site / Board Rules and Regulations

Posted: Mon Oct 23, 2017 8:41 pm
by Superman
1st. off I'm not a big one for rules and regulations as they tend to stifle creativity. Most folks are responsible enough to know how to act without being told all the time. I doubt we will have very many problems as not just anyone gets on this board in the 1st. place. Inappropriate posts will be deleted by the admins and the poster informed of the deletion in private to avoid needless embarrassment. If transgressions continue, at a time of the admin's choosing that person will be deleted from this board and blocked from returning. Those who feel they were deleted unfairly are welcome to write me at explaining why they think it was unfair and why they should be reinstated. But don't expect too much as I trust my admins to the max. If I didn't they wouldn't be admins in the 1st. place.